Earlier this week, it was reported that Wale was sitting court-side at the Washington Wizards vs Toronto Raptors game in DC, and begin to taunt Raptors forward Rudy Gay. After Gay hit a jumper, the camera panned over to the rapper, and Raptors commentator Matt Devlin began to clown him. The MMG rapper wasn’t feeling what Devlin had to say and proceeded to confront the play by play man during the game. Now, Wale addresses the incident, and takes blame for not handling the situation the right way.

During a recent interview with Philly’s Power 99‘s Cosmic Kev, Wale addresses the incident with Toronto Raptors commentator, Matt Devlin.

Wale explains the incident:

Anything at this point makes me sound volatile. When you’re in the moment, you don’t really think about that, but now I’m thinking, “Okay, I’m around all these white people, and I’m a black dude with dreads and tattoos walking upstairs to confront somebody of someone almost the exact opposite creed or design of me.”

The MMG rapper adds:

Was I going over there to say, “Hello sir, my name is Wale, could you not say anything bad about me? No.” But I was going over there to be like, “Yo, my man, you gotta have a little respect, you’re in my town. I know you’re doing your job, and I ain’t trying to disrespect you.” It’s Whatever, but timing is everything, I could’ve waited.

As the interview continued, at about the 1:20 mark, Wale addresses a different incident that occurred in the parking lot of the Wizard arena. You can view footage of the parking lot incident [here], and watch the interview to hear Wale explain what went down.

Watch Wale’s interview with Cosmic Kev below: