As it was previously reported, Gucci Mane took to Twitter and offered the rights to Waka Flocka’s contract for $1 million. Gucci said, for the $1 million, you can get Waka’s next 3 albums, but Gucci still wants and his percentage of publishing and touring. Now, Waka replies to Gucci trying to sell his contract.

Waka Flocka took to his website,, and posted a video in response to Gucci Mane trying to sell the rights to his contract. Waka also took to Twitter, and had some more words for Gucci (#IceCreamCone) there.

As Waka replied to Gucci, he says:

What the f*ck you mean, you going to sell that touring, partna… Dont make me turn up on you boy.

He adds:

N*gga doing anything for mixtape promo, might just suck dick to go platinum, go suck somebody’s dick to go platinum… Crusty Ass Lips.

Watch Waka’s video response and hear what else he has to say about his former partner in rhyme below.

Waka also replied to Gucci on Twitter. View the series of tweets below: