Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame has announced that he will release the follow up to Triple F Life with the sequel to his debut album, and drop Flockaveli Part 2 later this year, but before that the BSM rapper will release a new mixtape.

During a recent interview with MTV, Waka Flocka made the announcement of his new album, Flockaveli Part 2, and mixtape, DuFlocka Rant Pt. 2.

Waka revealed his new album title:

This third one, I’m gonna mix both of em [Flockaveki and Triple F Life ] together. It’s Flockaveli Part 2, 2013. That’s just how I’m standing, straight up.

Flocka adds:

Like Jay-Z said, you like my last album, go buy it. You want that last sound; go buy my old album… That’s what it is, 2013, it’s about to go down.

Waka talks album features:

I just got out the studio [with] Timbaland, I ain’t have to call for that. That’s something I was gonna grab. Everybody I wanted to get on a song basically walked in the studio. I got a record with Wyclef, they can look out for that. It’s called “Abu Dhabi,” it’s crazy.

As the interview continued, Waka says the album is already done, and wants to drop it now, but he has a mixtape to release before that:

I wanna drop now, [but] I’m gonna put a mixtape out February 5th, DuFlocka Rant Pt. 2, and from there I might drop summer, spring. I don’t know. My album’s done, it’s done. I mastered it and everything. It’s done.

Watch Waka Flocka’s interview with MTV, below: