TMZ is reporting that the owners of the W.i.P. nightclub, which was home to the infamous Chris Brown and Drake brawl, are hoping that NBA star Tony Parker will seek money from the rap artists for his lawsuit.

Parker filed a $20 million lawsuit, claiming various injuries caused by the incident at the W.i.P. nightclub. One of the injuries saw Parker miss a week of NBA games due to vision problems after he was hit in the eye with shards of broken glass. Parker sued the W.i.P. club and its’ owners directly.

According to the TMZ report, W.i.P. owners believe both Drake and Brown “contributed to, instigated, participated and/or engaged” in the infamous brawl, and that they should be responsible for any lawsuits stemming from the incident. Additionally, the W.i.P. owners have gone on to file documents against both Drake and Brown in court.

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