Earlier this week, Freddie Gibbs’ was stopped by the TSA, had his bags checked and weed was discovered.  The agent who stopped Gibbs let him off the hook, and let him keep the weed. All the TSA officer did was leave a personalized notice of a bag inspection in Gibbs’ luggage, reading “C’mon Son.”

After being let go, Freddie Gibbs took to Twitter, and posted a picture of the weed alongside the inspection notice from the TSA officer.

Now Gibbs is being investigated as his picture was seen by a higher up in the TSA.

A TSA spokesperson has issued a statement concerning the Freddie Gibbs incident, read that below.

“TSA takes all allegations of inappropriate conduct seriously and is investigating this claim.  Should the claims be substantiated, TSA will take appropriate disciplinary steps and refer the alleged possession of an illegal substance to law enforcement.”

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