Earlier in the week, Young Jeezy announced that he has signed Philly rapper Tone Trump to his CTE Imprint. Now Tone speaks on signing with Jeezy.

In a recent interview with XXL, Tone Trump speaks on joining the CTE camp, and how Jeezy made the announcement in a packed Miami club:

“Jeezy bought $12,000 in Moet champagne, it was all rose except one bottle of Ace of Spades. He gave me the bottle of Spades. We did the toast, welcomed me to the family. Crowd went off,”

Tone added:

“It’s been whirlwind man…I’m the newest member of CTE. I was in Miami for four days I didn’t even see the beach. Big homie, his work ethic is crazy. When we didn’t have events to go to, from ten in the morning until seven in the morning turning up. We did a bunch of new records. I’d rather be working than partying.”

And he continued:

“You gonna see an instant immediate impact. We got tons of records and visuals. I’m focused, Jeezy’s behind me 2,000 percent. I want to make him look like a genius. How many artist get to sign with their favorite artist?”

Update: Tone Trump speaks to MTV about his deal with CTE

“A couple of days ago, I officially signed my deal with Young Jeezy, CTE World, and [it’s been] a lot of years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, risking my life. I make street music and I just signed with the biggest street artist in the world.”

He adds:

“It would’ve been a dream come true to get a so-called record deal with any label probably, but not too many artists get to sign with their favorite rapper or their favorite artists. When I was in the mix and coming up in the grind, his music got me and mines through a lot.”

And continued about the celebration:

“It was a toast; it was a boss’ toast. Snow, he bought about 40 bottles for the whole crew and it was like all rosé and it was one bottle of Ace of Spades, he put that to the side and gave it to me.” More than the deal, it was Jeezy’s commitment that the Philly spitter really admires. “He said a few words, that I’m gonna keep private forever, that really touched my heart, and it meant a lot,” Trump said. “I even took the bottle back home like a trophy.”