Mega-producer Timbaland recently revealed plans to include a song on his new album that is essentially an apology to longtime friend and colleague Jay-Z.

As we’ve learned through the many interviews from both Timbaland and Jay-Z leading up to, and following the release of Magna Carta Holy Grail, the two were not on the greatest of terms prior to the recording process for that album. In fact, the two weren’t even speaking.

Timbo revealed that the song, which will be called “Sorry,” will feature Keri Hilson. He noted that his verses will serve as an apology to Jigga, Keri’s will actually be an apology to Hov’s wife, Beyonce, who she dissed in a 2009 record, singing “Your vision cloudly if you think that you the best/You can dance, she can sing, but need to move it to the left.”

Timbaland went into further detail on his own verse, noting, “In my verse, I’m saying, ‘We cop the same Range, we talk to the same dames, same thangs, same lane. Now we see each other, don’t even speak. That’s fucked up. I missed your 40th and that hurt me so deep. Accept my apology, my apology, nigga please.”

Timbo compared the emotional depth of the song to that of the work of the late Tupac Shakur. “The hook says, ‘I think this business make a nigga do strange thangs…’ All I wanna say, why can’t a nigga can’t say sorry? Why can’t a nigga just tell another nigga sorry? It’s deep.”

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