Early last month it was reported that Jay-Z launched a sports representation agency, known as Roc Nation Sports, through a partnership with Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

At the time of the initial report, it was noted that sources close to Jay-Z revealed that the mogul himself was planning to become a certified sports agent, first in baseball and eventually in football and basketball, which led to rumors of the NFLPA taking notice of the rappers agency due to the fact that Hov does not meet the educational requirements to become certified to recruit football players.

Now, following the rumors of the National Football League Players Association looking closely at the rappers Roc Nation Sports agency, they have formed a new rule, which insiders have dubbed the “Jay-Z Rule.”

As reported by CBS Sports, the NFLPA has passed a revision to their rules tightening undergraduate and post-graduate degree requirements.

The new rule states that you need to have a degree from an accredited college in order to recruit players, which the rapper doesn’t have, and that’s where the “Jay-Z Rule” comes in.

According to the report, one agent believes this change of rules will kill Jay-Z’s attempt to sign NFL clients. But another agent believes there are still ways around it, and gives a scenario of a possible loophole in the amendment.

The agent’s scenario of a loophole for Jay-Z to get around the rule change as quoted from CBS is as followed:

“Jay-Z has his agency. He recruits more baseball players. The business grows. He hires an army of certified agents. He remains publicly detached from his agency but inside he’s extremely involved. He speaks to no recruits but every recruit understands they are joining Jay-Z’s firm.”

Only time will tell if the NFLPA’s revision to their rules will affect Jay-Z from recruiting NFL players to sign with his Roc Nation Sports agency.