Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 30 hours then you’ve heard about the whole internet in a rage about Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s song “Control”. I won’t bother quoting the track since every Twitter account & FB status has already went over the name dropping and the fact he claimed the throne of New York, despite being from the opposite coast. Let’s get into the possible effects of what Kendrick Lamar has seemingly accomplished.

Artists like Fab & Joe Budden have already directly stated, via Twitter of course, that they’ll be in the studio very soon to address K-Dot claiming the East Coast crown, which might seem like a grab at attention, but Joell Ortiz is officially the 1st EC Emcee to address the situation on wax. EVERY artist, big & small with the exception of Drake, has replied to or addressed Kendrick in some form or fashion. Kendrick is trying to make it bigger than selling records and being on the radio. Its about protecting your pride & defending your craft as being better than the next man.

The best part about this “diss”, I use that term loosely, is that it has the fans requesting something new. Its slowly transitioning fans away from that “Versace” nonsense to actual lyrics. For God sakes Joell Ortiz was a #3 trend on Twitter just for making a response record. If fans can finally start wanting & requesting music with substance then the radio stations and the labels have to FINALLY start to tapping back into the roots of actual Hip Hop and not just popular music.

People are saying Kendrick’s verse was overrated on an all around great song, and that may be true but what happened is bigger than the verse. Its better to that we have a Hip Hop verse be overrated opposed to Migos dropping a new track or a new joint from Trinidad James. Since Lamar’s verse dropped LAST NIGHT, he’s became the #1 topic on Yahoo & his album moved up to #5 on the Hip Hop charts, a YEAR after its release, passing Yeezus & Born Sinner, respectively.

We’ve seen a rapper like Wayne who was at the top of the game welcome all challengers. But for an extremely popular new-school rapper to directly name names is a direct challenge that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored by his peers. This might be a knee-jerk reaction but for the moment, Kendrick Lamar is taking Hip Hop back. We might start to see more emcees and less rappers.


Blog by TheChosenFew aka @J_Geezus on Twitter