Tech N9ne stopped by Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning show for Strange Music Week and spoke on multiple topics such as hoping to record with Eminem on his new album, as well as labeling Em the best rapper and an extreme lyricist.

Tech N9ne speaks on hoping to get Eminem on his new album:

“The Em track, I have another idea for my next album, late October, and if he has the time, I’ll send it to him, you know what I’m sizzlin’, via Royce . And we can try it again, because he agreed to do ‘So Lonely,’ but he was busy somewhere overseas. So I’m going to try again on this album. I’m going to try to get with him a lot earlier though, because I do my stuff on the fly like boom, I be in the studio, I write it in the studio, I record it and then I send it to the artist. So maybe I need to have a little bit more time.”

As the interview continued, Tech labels Em as the best rapper:

“It was Eminem. I think he makes everyone want to come with their A-game. He’s an elite emcee. We are also. That’s one of the qualifications you have to have for Strange Music. I love extreme lyricists. And to me, he’s the extreme lyricist when it comes to wordplay and all of that, emotion and everything. A lot of people just want to hear us on a track to hear who would win. I just want to see how I sound next to who I deem the best rapper.”

Tech adds:

“There are a lot of great rappers out, but Eminem is the cream of the crop.”

Watch Tech N9ne’s interview with Sway, below: