Talib Kweli has announced the he and 9th Wonder are working on a joint album that he hopes will recreate the feel of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic.

During a recent interview with Bay Area’s 106 KMEL‘s Big Von, Talib Kweli revealed that he’s working on a collaboration album with 9th Wonder.

As he announced the joint project, Kweli revealed that he and 9th Wonder will go by the name B.A.D. (Build And Destroy Gang), but the title of the album wasn’t made known at time time.

While he spoke on the album, Talib Kweli said that they are trying to create the feel of Dr. Dre’s Chronic with the project – he states:

“The idea is that you have an album like The Chronic.”

Kweli adds:

“The Chronic is a beautiful, powerful, excellent piece of recording that everybody likes… You can’t front on The Chronic. There hasn’t been a conscious or thematically uplifting album that is a compilation that has struck a chord like The Chronic and that’s what we are trying to create.”

Watch Talib Kweli’s interview with Big Von on 106 KMEL below: