As Def Sounds previously reported, following becoming a free agent, after he wrapped up his 10-year contract with Atlantic, T.I. has inked a new deal with Columbia Records. At the time Tip’s deal with Columbia was reported, it was announced that the deal was for Tip and his Grand Hustle/Hustle Gang imprint, but it turns out the deal is only for the Atlanta rapper, and his Grand Hustle label is still independent.

Now, Tip clarifies the details of the deal, and also revealed that Pharrell will be executive producing his next album that will be released through Columbia.

During a recent interview with DJ Scream on Hood Rich Radio, T.I. spoke on his new deal with Columbia and revealed Grand Hustle/Hustle Gang is still on their independent grind. Tip also spoke on working with Pharrell, who will be executive producing his new album.

Tip clarifies that Grand Hustle/Hustle Gang is still independent, and the deal with Columbia is only for him:

Let me clarify… Hustle Gang, we still independent. We did a deal for T.I. for the next T.I. project.

He adds:

Not to say Hustle Gang is off the table, we felt like we had some partners at one time, but now that we made the move for T.I.’s project, I dont know if them partners of ours are still at the table. That’s still up for discussion. As of right now, Hustle Gang is still moving independently.

As the interview continued, Tip spoke on his relationship with Pharrell:

O.G. Skateboard P, ever since I came home, Pharrell has been consistent with just staying on me and making sure that I grab a hold of our opportunity, and take full advantage of it.

As he continued, Tip spoke on working with P on the new album:

“Blurred Lines” the song of the year probably, and that is one of the clearest results from [working with Pharrell]… that’s just a taste to come, because we got stuff in the chamber for my project that we are gonna start rolling off on y’all at the top of the year. We’re very proud of the work we’ve been putting in.

Listen to the audio of T.I.’s interview with Hood Rich Radio’s DJ Scream on Hip Hop Nation as he also spoke on working with DJ Toomp on the new album and more, below: