T.I. held a listening party for his forthcoming album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Hand this past Friday in Miami, and after the listening session winded down, he chopped it up with Ashley Outrageous and addressed multiple topics.

During his interview with Ashley Outrageous, T.I. spoke on his mindset now compared to his first album:

You really can’t look at it album to album; you got to look at it where a man is in his life at the time.

He adds:

I recorded I’m Serious when I was 19, right now I’m 32, any man, regardless if he’s recording albums, playing ball, working at bank, being a school teacher.. any man between the ages of 19 and 32 is gonna have significant changes in who he is as a man. Music is an expression, a personal and emotional expression. If you change, naturally the music will change with you.

As the interview continued, Tip addresses the controversy surrounding the cover art for the album, as some people don’t believe it’s right because of the previous situations he’s been through:

I don’t care [how they feel]. That’s what I felt like doing, and it’s my decision and it’s my call. I did what I felt was best for the project, that it is the representation of the music you will hear when you buy it. That’s the image I felt was closet to fitting the image of being appropriate. If you don’t like it, don’t buy – f*ck you.

T.I. revealed that he would like to record a complete album with DJ Toomp, who produced “Trap Back Jumpin” on the new album, and multiple other hits.

You can definitely expect album [with DJ Toomp]. I don’t have a problem with it. That might be one of my last things to do – to have a project produced primarily by DJ Toomp.

Tip answers if he still is the “King of the South”:

They listen man, there’s no denying or disputing of that. Honestly before me, the term, King of the South didn’t even exist. Just like when you think of freedom for black people, you think of Abraham Lincoln. Although there will be another King of the South one day, I’m about me wits enough to know that, but that will happen when I say so. I’m gonna determine when that happens, and who that happens for.

T.I.’s Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Hand is slated to be released on December 18th.

Watch T.I.’s interview with Ashley Outrageous, below: