While out in South Beach, T.I. appeared on NBC’s NiteCap and chopped it up with Peter Bailey. During the interview, a few parts really stood out, one is that T.I. spoke on 2pac fitting into today’s genre of Hip Hop, and believes Pac would follow the same steps as he is to get by in today’s scene. Tip also addressed trying to bring Atlanta together and getting around the egos that’s holding his city back. In addition, the Atl rapper revealed that he would have liked to record a track with Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane.

T.I. spoke on 2pac fitting into today’s genre of Hip Hop:

I don’t think it would have been on Pac fitting in, it would have been about Pac doing him, Pac being Pac, being who he is, and everyone else adapting to him – being around him.

Tip believes Pac would go at it the same way he does:

For the best of us, our intention is to just do us. Not trying to fit in, not to conform to conventional methods of whatever is going on today. Really, just give it to you on how we live it, and let you adapt to it, and the listeners and environment adapt to us. In a perfect world, that’s just how it is.

T.I. addresses trying to bring Atlanta together and getting past the egos when he came home from prison:

When I came home that was my purpose; that was my intention. I spoke to Jeezy – I spoke to Rocko – I spoke to 2 Chainz. I spoke to so many… of the existing who’s who of Atlanta music.

He addressed wanting to have a sit-down and form a committee to bring Atl together:

I spoke to em about us all having a sit-down at the same table and forming a committee, [and] those conversations started out pleasant and productive. Eventually, I just started seeing that cats, everybody ain’t for the team mentality. Some cats they trying to get theirs and go home, but you know, you can’t make somebody something that they aren’t. You can’t make somebody care about everybody, when they only care about themselves. You can’t train that. You can’t teach that. You can’t encourage it. It’s either in you or it’s not. It just so happens that most of the people in the city are about themselves. Of we would have had that site down, there would have been 5 maybe 6 of us. It’s that envy, the male ego; it’s a very sophisticated emotion. The male ego is extremely delicate.

When asked if there would ever be a track with him, Young Jeezy, Gucci Man, Tip replied:

I would have loved to see that too man. I was really working on trying to resolve all beefs in the town. I was working on trying to get everybody to sit down at the same table. Even if you like each other or not at least have a respect, a mutual respect for one another to where ya’ll can be in the same buildings and we can at least work on the same records. Even if were not going to work with one another or assist one another, don’t hinder one another’s progress. The more each of us progress, the more the city progresses.

Tip adds:

Right now, everybody wants to be the man. That’s what it is, that’s really what it is in the town. Everybody wanna be the man and if they ain’t the man then they looking at who is the man and trying to figure out how to take his spot. And that is what killed the scene in New York. Everyone wanted to be the man, but not everybody is gonna be the man.

Watch T.I.’s full interview on NBC’s NiteCap, as he also speaks on Trouble Man, being a superstar, today’s artists, compared to the past, and much more, below: