As news reports continue to break revealing new developments in the case of the Boston Marathon bombings, one report has T.I. extremely upset as the media has connected Hip Hop to the terrorist attack.

The one news report that has Tip very displeased comes from a media outlet who reported that a Hip Hop website,, which is now down was frequently visited by dead Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, had T.I.’s face plastered all over it, and the media used the site and T.I. to associate Hip Hop with the bombings.

As reported by TMZ, T.I. had no idea his pictures were posted to the site, which he has never heard of, and he’s upset that the media is connecting the Hip Hop genre the bombing suspects.

As T.I. addresses the media connecting Hip Hop to the suspects, he says:

Hip hop narrates the activity and conditions of our culture. It doesn’t create them.

Tip lets the media outlets, who have been connecting the genre to the suspects, know:

Hip hop ain’t never been about hurting innocent people.

The Atl rapper sends his prayers out to those affected by the bombing:

[The Boston bombing] was a horrible tragedy and my prayers go out to the families involved.