As we just posted “Addresses” from T.I.’s upcoming album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head,  Tip is taking aim at another rapper on the track, but doesn’t say any names. Although he doesn’t say any names, the Atlanta rapper says the person who the track is about will know it’s about them and only them. After Tip premiered the track with DJ Drama on Shade45, he spoke on the reason he didn’t say any names on the diss record.

During a recent interview with DJ Drama, T.I. spoke on his “Addresses” diss track, and says it’s a direct diss even though he isn’t calling anyone out by name.

Tip explains:

It was direct. Now the thing about who it was directed too, It benefits them more than it benefits me, for me to put it out there. So I made it directly in a way only they will know. Therefore they can not get any shine off of it.

Tip adds:

I’m gonna make a prediction here on Shade45. There shall be a few rappers that feel they will be benefited by accepting that burden and they will step up into that line of fire knowing that it is not them, but they feel it is better for them to step into that line of fire, be hit and receive the benefits that come with being hit by a T.I. bullet. That will be the greatest thing that has ever happened to them in their life.

He continues:

A lot of people are gonna walk into that crossfire when they know it has nothing to do with them – it’s OK, I’m already prepared for that. But, who it’s about, it brings me great pain to say… if it was not for their outright disrespect, and disregard for the G-Code, what it is known to all too just be real – they lack all integrity. When they said disregard the man, I did this for you bruh.

T.I.’s Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head is slated to be released on December 18th, and is available for pre-order [here].

If you haven’t, listen to the track [here], listen to the complete interview with DJ Drama, and hear what else T.I. has to say about “Addresses,” below, and then hit the comments and let us know who you think he is going in on. I’m leaning more towards Alley Boy, because Tip says “Keep on, I’ll show these folks on TAPE how you’re a sitting DUCK,” and you know Alley Boy’s label is “Duct Tape” that uses a duck as it’s logo.