As previously reported by Def Sounds, B.o.B. confirmed that he and T.I. have a joint album in the works. Now Tip speaks on the project.

T.I. recently chopped it up with MTV and spoke on The Man & The Martian album:

“We’ve recorded maybe five or six songs already, but we’re both focusing on completing our solo projects first and if we need to pull from those songs for my project or his project, so be it. When we release our projects then we’ll able to collectively and solely focus on The Man & the Martian. He has a sound that is very diverse, and different from mine, and he calls me in for the same reason when he records his projects. So we have so many songs that it only made sense.”

As Tip continues, he explains what you can expect from the sound of the album:

“It will be a plethora of styles, sounds, a wide array of performance induced confusion. You gon’ have some glamorous gangsta and some intelligent nerd-type weird, just wonderful, magnificent, magical—the music is going to just jump out the speakers and knock you down and wake you back up to knock you down again. That’s the best description I can give you.”

Watch Tip’s interview with MTV below: