Just moments ago on MTV’s RapFix it was announced that T.I. has signed Houston rapper Trae The Truth to his Grand Hustle Records, which is a joint venture deal between Grand Hustle and the Houston MC’s ABN imprint.

Tip spoke on the new deal with Trae, as he said:

“We’re gonna work alongside each other for a common goal and release this Trae tha Truth project. When cats [who are] cut from a certain cloth give their word and shake their hand, that’s what makes it a done deal — the ink is just a formality.”

T.I. added:

“Grand Hustle is an established brand, ABN is already an established brand, it’s about seeing what we can do to parlay what we’ve already done for ourselves to make it benefit the other and it’s a two-way street.”

Trae explained how it went down:

“Me and Tip are similar in a lot of ways. We both understand what it is. The thing that kinda made me way more comfortable is he reached out more on a partner note to where it wasn’t about money, it wasn’t about none of that. It was about, ‘Look, we can team up or even if you doin’ your own thing, I’m just supporting what you got goin’, I want to see you make it.’ “

Tip and Trae also took to their Twitter pages to make the announcement.

View the tweets from Tip and Trae below: