Atlanta rapper T.I. is currently incarcerated in a Arkansas Federal Prison serving a 366 day sentence stemming from a parole violation has reached out to his fans as he posted a message on his blog saying that “this chapter in my story will soon be coming to an end” and that he’ll be back to business as usual upon his release in September.

Read the letter from Tip below:

What up world? I appreciate the continued love and support that everyone has been giving me. This chapter in my story will soon be coming to an end and I will be back in the flesh with you sooner than later. In the meantime I want to give a special shout out to a few particular individuals that have been sending me letters, cards, comments, tweets and just overall holding me down. A little loyalty goes a long way with me…I don’t do fake shit shawty. So I can’t thank y’all enough for keeping it 1 thousand and as soon as I’m able I WILL RETURN THE FAVOR!!! And that’s on PHIL!!! I love y’all and I’ll see you in September. – KING

T.I. began serving his bid on November 1, 2010. The sentence stems from a drug arrest made in Hollywood, California in September, when police pulled him and his wife Tiny over for making an illegal U-turn. A search of the vehicle turned up contraband, which led to Tip and Tiny’s arrest.

T.I. did not face drug charges in the case, but plead guilty for violating his parole, as he only had recently been released from prison after serving his time for a prior weapons conviction.

T.I.’s exact release date is September 29th.