Just a day after his release from an Arkansas Federal Correctional Facility and relocated to a halfway house in Atlanta, T.I. has been removed to a different facility, because prison officials objected to him using a tour bus to transfer locations.

According to CNN, Tip had agreed to provide his own transportation from the prison to his halfway house, but now prison officials are reviewing his relocation to the halfway house via tour bus.

A US Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman told CNN Thursday night she was unable to disclose where Tip was being transferred.

The Prison Bureau’s online inmate locator has the Atlanta rapper listed as being in transit as of this evening.


As of today, T.I. is back in the penitentiary as The Federal Bureau of Prisons website shows the rapper incarcerated at the Atlanta penitentiary with a release date of Sept. 29.

Tip’s lawyer hopes the  issue can be cleared up quickly so T.I. can return to the halfway house.

Update #2 T.I.’s wife Tiny addresses the setback:

“This is a bunch of bulls**t … they should have said something before he got on the bus … T.I. would have politely gotten into a van.”

She added

“T.I. is one of the strongest individuals I know … and they just trying to break him in more ways than one and it’s not gonna work! ‘Cause what God got for him, can’t no man take that away … period!”