Atlanta rapper T.I., who didn’t make the cut on MTV’s Hottest MC list, shared his opinion on the list.

During a recent interview on the Sway In The Morning show with Sway Calloway who was very influential in putting the list together,  T.I. gave his thoughts on MTV’s Hottest MC list, and didn’t hold back.

Tip explained:

Whoever’s on the list, I salute you… I don’t give a f*ck about It. I care about my bank roll and that sh*t growin’ like I added water to it. I’m strecthin’ that sh*t man.

As the interview continued, Tip added:

I don’t give a damn, none of that. I don’t need no title, no consideration, no props, nothin’. I get on a n*gga song, I’m gonna murk that n*gga on his song, period. Do a top 10 motherf*kers who make n*ggas look bad on their own song. Do that, and I see where I end up on that list.

Watch T.I.’s hilarious interview on Sway In The Morning and hear what else he has to say about the Hottest MC’s list, below: