Following the release of Trouble Man, T.I.’s 10 year run with Atlantic has come to an end, and the Atlanta rapper is looking to cash out as he is currently shopping a $75 million record deal.

As reported by TMZ, T.I.’s 10-year contract with Atlantic expired just about a month ago, and the rapper has already put together his own plan for a $75 million deal.

As part of the $75 million deal, T.I. is looking for:

- 3 albums
– 10-20 percent of publishing, touring, merchandise, film and TV rights
– Corporate endorsement deals
– Exclusive signing of all Grand Hustle artists

As of press time, sources close to Tip say he was already offered a $50 million deal from Sony, while Dr. Dre’s Aftermath, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, and Universal are all interested in signing the rapper to their respective imprints.