After the BET Awards 2011 on Sunday night, Syracuse University Professor and founder of the Your Black World campaign Dr. Boyce Watkins took to his publication and wrote a feature addressing his disgust for Lil Wayne and BET’s support of the super star rapper.

In Dr. Boyce Watkins article titled “BET Has Officially Become the New and Improved KKK,” he compares Viacom, BET’s parent company, as operating with the same agenda as the Ku Klux Klan.

In the article Watkins states:

“The Ku Klux Klan has been regularly criticized for encouraging violence against African Americans and terrorizing our community. But the truth is that the Klan doesn’t have much     power anymore, and their thirst for African American blood seems to have waned a bit. At the same time, Lil Wayne and artists like him have made a habit of encouraging black men to shoot one another, to abuse or murder women, to consume suicidal amounts of drugs and alcohol and to engage in irresponsible, deadly sexual behavior.”

Watkins states the problem is directly with BET:

“The executive committee for the BET Awards made the interesting decision to give the greatest number of award nominations to Lil Wayne, the man who said that he would (among other things) love to turn a woman out, murder her and send her dead body back to her boyfriend. Oh yea, he also that he would kill little babies, have sex with every girl in the world, carry a gun on his hip and “leave a nigga’s brains on the street.”

As Dr. Watkins continued, he added that with BET supporting music like Lil Wayne’s leads back to the streets:

“As a result, black men are the most likely to die from gun violence, mass incarceration continues to decimate black families, drug addiction and possession ruins black lives in droves, and HIV is the leading killer of black women. So, the truth is that Lil Wayne-like artists and the corporate armies producing this weaponized genocide have killed more black people than the KKK ever could. So, by accelerating, financing and supporting the “Lil Wayne gospel” to a community that is already dying, BET has effectively positioned itself as a new and improved version of the KKK.”

You can read Dr. Boyce Watkin’s article in full here.