Swizz Beatz, who worked closely with Cassidy in the beginning of his career, and they spawned many hit records together. Since that time, there has been much talk of tension between the two as Swizz and Cass haven’t worked together in many years. Although the two haven’t been as close as they once were, Swizzy still chimes in on Cassidy’s ongoing feud with Meek Mill.

During a recent interview with Global Grind, Swizz Beatz addressed Cassidy’s feud with Meek Mill, and if he thinks Meek will respond to Cassidy’s “R.A.I.D.”

When asked what he thought about Cassidy’s “R.A.I.D.” Meek diss, Swizzy said:

That’s how he felt. His passion is rapping and battling and I think he said everything that he meant.

Swizzy adds, when asked if Cass’ diss towards Meek blew him away:

I’m used to it. I been around battling all my life. It’s a creative sport.

On if he thinks Meek will respond:

I doubt it. I don’t think he’s gonna respond.

Head over to Global Grind [here], and read the rest of Swizz Beatz’ interview as he touches on topics such as Chief Keef’s 60 day sentence, gun control laws, his kids, Bronx influence and more.