Styles P has revealed that he will be teaming up with Nature Sounds x High Times Records to release a new album, Float.

The Float album will be produced in it’s entirety by Scram Jones, and is slated for an April 20th release.

As Style P announces the album, he said:

Get ready for Float. I said get ready for Float. It’s going down. Float is the ill project made by Scram Jones and myself. Make sure you check it out, it’s gonna be poppin’. Shout out to High Times and Nature Sounds.

He adds:

Float is just a real crazy project, you know what I’m sayin’? If you’re a Hip Hop head, if you’re a pothead, if you’re a music head, if you’re just a head of fly shit, Float is the project you want to have, man. High Times, Nature Sounds, Scram Jones, Styles P.

Watch the short clip below as Styles P makes the announcement of his new album: