Soulja Boy has had his Bentley impounded for an alleged hit and run accident involving a motorcyclist, who was seriously injured during the accident.

As reported by TMZ, Soulja Boy thought he got away with an accident that left an injured motorcyclist in the street, but due to a series of police cameras placed around LA, the rapper has some explaining to do.

The accident happened earlier this year on January 9th when a biker was seriously injured after T-boning a red Bentley in Hollywood.

The driver of the Bentley, who was unknown at the time, was at fault for making a reckless turn, which prompted him to flee the scene of the accident.

Now, just about four months after the hit and run accident, SB has had his Bentley impounded by the LAPD due to the incriminating photos taken by “secret” police cameras that are placed around LA.

Law enforcement sources told the publication that the police cameras are constantly taking photos of cars all over the city, and the average car is shot at least 1,000 times daily. So, with the cameras taking so many pictures a day, the police ran Soulja Boy’s license plate number through the database, and photos of  the rapper’s Bentley came up with damage that fit to the accident.

The reason Soulja’s Boy’s name even came up in the first place was due to the fact that a witness to the crash, and friend of the victim, was highly upset over the hit and run, went back to the scene to ask around if anyone knew the owner of the Bentley. The witness/friend got lucky as asked a person who happened to be valet driver and knew the vehicle well and said the Bentley belonged to SB, and that the rapper frequented the area.

The cops say that Soulja’s Bentley is now damage free as it was repaired to cover–up the hit and run accident, but they still had enough evidence in large part to the photos from the police cams to impound the rapper’s vehicle.