As Def Sounds previously reported, Soulja Boy was arrested in the Los Angeles area for possession of a loaded gun.

At the time of the initial report,  it was stated that Soulja Boy was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over in the southern Cali’s San Fernando Valley for running a stop sign, and during the traffic stop, police noticed the rapper was in possession of a loaded gun, and placed him in custody.

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Now, Soulja Boy speaks out on the gun charge, via his manager, and says that he never told police he owned the loaded gun found in his car, and believes the cops violated his rights by searching him in the first place.

As reported by TMZ, Soulja Boy’s manager Miami Mike stated that rapper Arab was driving SB’s car and he claims that a neighbor left the gun under the car’s passenger seat where Soulja was sitting and he had no idea it was there, and he claims that SB never admitted the loaded gun was his, and he only told the cops that he owned the car.

Miami Mike also said that officers told Soulja Boy that someone had to take responsibility for the weapon, but says SB never copped to the gun.

And as mentioned above, Soulja Boy believes his rights were violated and says the whole search was illegal because the police officer didn’t have probable cause to search the vehicle, but law enforcement sources told TMZ that the gun was in plain view, meaning officers wouldn’t need a search warrant.

Stay tuned to DS and we’ll keep you updated when more details are revealed about Soulja Boy’s gun charge.