Soulja Boy was arrested early this morning in Temple, Georgia after a traffic stop  and then police discovered marijuana, guns and cash inside of his car.

According to reports, Soulja Boy was in a vehicle with 4 other men when police pulled them over for a traffic violation around 3:15 AM est. After inspecting the vehicle, cops discovered a large amount of weed, cash, estimated $70,000, and guns inside the vehicle.

Soulja Boy and the 4 other men were all arrested, and are currently in custody in a Carrol County, GA Jail.

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According to AccessAtlanta, Soulja Boy and the four other men he was arrested with are being charged with felony possession of marijuana, felony possession of a weapon in commission of a crime and possession with intent to distribute.

Temple Police spokesperson Dana Rampy says the five men will appear in front of  a judge to be formally charged any minute.

Update #2

More information on Soulja Boy’s arrest comes to light.

TMZ has now learned that the weed and the gun found during the arrest this morning were inside a briefcase and belonged to Soulja Boy.

Soulja Boy and the other 4  men have posted bond and been released from a Carrol County Jail after being formally charged on felony weapons and drug charges.