This comes as a big surprise as they parted ways in the late 90’s on bad terms. Earlier this week in a Los Angeles nightclub, Snoop Dogg and former Death Row CEO Suge Knight reunited.

As reported by TMZ, Snoop performed at the AV Club in LA on Monday night, and Suge Knight showed up to see the performance. After the show, Knight walked over to Snoop’s VIP table and the two hit it off like old times – hugging, laughing and taking pictures.

Snoop kept the big reunion under wraps for a few days, but earlier today he took to his Instagram page and posted a picture of him and Suge in the club with the caption, “”N d club wit Suge miss those death row days!”

In 1998, when parting ways with Death Row, in an article posted on, Snoop gave a statement to the Long Beach Press-Telegram, at the time he said:

“I definitely feel my life is in danger if I stay in Death Row Records. That’s part of the reason why I’m leaving.”

He continued:

“Because there’s nothing over there. Suge Knight is in jail, the president; Dr. Dre left and Tupac (Shakur) is dead. It’s telling me that I’m either going to be dead or in jail or I’m going to be nothing.”

Snoop added:

“They don’t know how to run business. That’s why their business is gone. And I’m no longer a part of them.”

View the picture of Snoop Dogg Lion and his former boss Suge, below: