Young Jack Thriller and Thisis50 caught up with Snoop Dogg, (I refuse to call him Uncle Snoop or whatever the hell he’s being called these days) to discuss his feelings on Kendrick Lamar’s Control verse and how everyone in New York is perceiving it as.  And believe it or not, the Doggy Dogg made the most meaningful, appropriate, and senseful explanation on his feelings on the entire situation.

It’s just that he’s a nice guy so they have a problem with it; cause he doesn’t have a ‘gangsta’ approach. But let me let ya’ll know: he got a 100,000 m*ther f*cking gangstas with him; so ya’ll better watch what ya’ll say.

Snoop goes on to break down how hip hop used to be in the 90’s when it was New York rap that was influencing everybody, even him and Dre on the West Coast. He touches on what went down at the Source Awards in New York that took place in the 90’s during the entire West Coast- East Coast beef, where he got boo’ed by the crowd; calls Kendrick Lamar the new ‘king’, and much more.

Watch the clip below of Snoop talking the realest shit he’s ever spoke.

Post by Jaffy JaFFAR