As Def Sounds previously reported, Slaughterhouse is roughly 70% done with their Shady Records debut, and recently they took a break from recording to hit the stage for Rock The Bells, and back stage at the show the 4 headed monster that consists on Joe Budden, Crooked I, Royce Da 5’9’’ and Joell Ortiz spoke on the chemistry they have with Eminem, and say he’s the perfect boss for the crew.

They Shady Records group say Em is keeping his distance, while choosing to let them find their own way during the initial recording process.

Speaking to MTV Nickel says:

“He’s kinda walking eggshells around us creatively. He’s telling us basically, ‘Do exactly what y’all did last time. We’re just gonna do it on a bigger level. Y’all don’t need me to make records; y’all can do that. It’s more of a bonding thing. They all play basketball at the studio, and it’s just them getting to know him better and making his comfort level high with them, because he met them when we signed the deal.”

Joe Budden added:

“He’s a great person, and I think that’s one of the things that makes me most excited about the project. Being with him, you just totally forget that he’s one of the dopest rappers and he’s so successful. He’s a great person, and he’s still a humungous fan of the culture and very much in tune with what’s happening.”

Joell Ortiz followed suit, and added Em is the perfect boss:

“He really is a fan too, though. He’s a fan of Slaughterhouse. When he comes in and listens to songs, it’s not to critique them; it’s to listen.” Joell adds” “I just feel like he’s the perfect boss for this group, and we couldn’t have a better home.”

Slaughterhouse’s upcoming album, doesn’t have a release date as of yet, but most likely you can look-out for the 1st single in December.

View Slaughterhouse’s interview with MTV below: