Slaughterhouse stopped by Angie Martinez’s show on Hot 97 before their performance tonight at the Best Buy Theater. The Slaughterhouse crew spoke on Joe Budden getting close to 500k followers on Twitter, female fans, and Instagram. In the 2nd audio clip they speak on 2 Chainz ruining their headlining set at SXSW by bringing out Kanye West.

Listen to the 2 part interview, below:

Part 1: Twitter, Instagram, female fans

Part 2: 2 Chainz ruining their headlining set by bringing Ye out.


Joe Budden Arrested By NYPD For 2007 Warrant

Just as I was getting the audio of the interview converted and ready to post, I seen a report come across my feed that Joe Budden has been arrested for a 2007 warrant on a parking ticket and was taken into custody after his Hot 97 interview. Joe Budden was gearing up to hit the stage for tonight’s Slaughterhouse show at the Best Buy Theater when he was arrested by the NYPD.

Stay tuned to DS as we will update you with more details of the arrest when they become available.

Check out the below tweet from Elliot Wilson with the announcement of Budden’s arrest.

Updated information on Joe Budden’s arrest last night from MTV, and TMZ.

According to reports from MTV, the crowd at the Best Buy Theater for Slaughterhouse’s show began to shout “Joey, Joey, Joey” without any prompting from the other members. Royce responded by saying: “We love Joey too, chanting for him ain’t gonna get him outta jail”.

TMZ also gave an update on the situation with the official reason why the arrest took place.

Joe Budden was arrested for only a $75 parking ticket, as the NYPD showed up at a pre-concert meet-and-greet and informed Joey about a warrant out for his arrest from 2007 stemming from an unpaid traffic ticket.

Joe Budden’s rep gave a statement, as he said the original fine was only $75 but the police still decided to arrest Joe and took him back to the station where he was booked and processed.

Since the arrest, Joe Budden has been released from jail, and his rep claims that Joey has taken care of the matter.