Shyne and Game have been having a war of words since late last month when Shyne called Kendrick Lamar’s new album, good kid, m.A.A.d. city trash. Now, before Shyne heard Game’s new diss record, “Cough A Lung Up,” aimed at him, he addresses the comments made about K-Dot’s album, his feud and possibly squashing the beef with Game and other topics.

In a recent interview with StreetKode Magazine, Shyne addresses his comment about Kendrick’s album,  issues with Game, and Game’s beef with 40 Glocc.

As Shyne addresses calling Kendrick’s album trash, he says it was a private conversation between him and his Twitter followers:

When I expressed my opinion, I didnt @MTV; I didn’t @ at any of these blog sites. I didnt put out a song, I didn’t  go on the radio. It didn’t come from that, I was having a private conversation.

As the interview continued, Shyne addressed Game (Keep in mind, the interview was done before Game released the diss aimed at Shyne):

Game, that’s my son. I got love for him; I’ll always have love for him. I’m proud of him, because he’s something I helped create. He studied me, and inspired to be like me. You know he seen a street guy that was really off the block and was really bout that life.

Shyne adds:

I’ll always have love for him, because he never fronted. He always paid homage to me and he was consistent, so I got a lot of love for him. I look at him like a little brother. Sometimes your little brother does things that don’t make sense.

When asked if he reached out to Game, Shyne replied:

I’m the big homie, I’m the big brother, he got to reach out to me. He was the one who talked reckless. To let you know I Didn’t even know the Lamar kid was cool with him like that. If I woulda known he was cool with him like that, I might not have said nothing. Because I have that much love and respect for Game. On loyalty I woulda kept it to myself.

Shyne addresses Game video recording his fight with 40 Glocc:

This is what I mean by tough love, when he did the thing with the buster, with the mark he ran up on, and put hands on him. Listen, that’s not what mobsters do. When he did that I hit him, like ‘I’m not impressed with that, you don’t get points for beating up punks.’

Check out Shyne’s interview with StreetKode, below: