Last night, Shyne had Twitter in an uproar as he called Kendrick Lamar’s major label debut, good kid m.A.A.d. city, trash, which caused Kendrick’s TDE partner in rhyme Schoolboy Q to respond to Shyne.

View the series of tweets from Shyne and Schoolboy Q below.

Shyne stood by his comments of calling K.Dot’s GKMD trash as he called up Hot 97 and chopped it up with Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg and K Foxx and defended his comments and explained why he thinks the album is so bad.

Shyne states:

I ain’t starting no trouble. Listen, y’all live in the United States of America. We don’t live in the United States of Aftermath, Jimmy Iovine doesn’t pay me, I can say whatever I want. I’m not talking reckless. I said the young boy got potential and I said he was talented, but the album is trash. That’s tough love.

He adds:

Beats is trash, number one. And once your beats are trash, you’re finished because you can’t handle a good flow. I don’t really want to hear what you gotta say. I’ll go buy Dr. Cornel West’s album if I want to hear someone talk.

Shyne feels that people are gassing up Kendrick:

I feel bad for him because everybody’s gassing him right now, everyone’s on him. He on fire because of that Interscope machine, he’s on fire because of that Dr. Dre machine. He’s nice, but that’s a lot of hype. All I’m saying is, to show y’all I’m not a hater, 50 delivered. I never had nothing positive to say about him, but he delivered. He lived up to the hype, Get Rich or Die Trying was a classic.

He continued:

I’ve been in this game since 1997, professionally, and you cant tell me how I’m supposed to come up with my opinion, you could disagree. That’s cool, that’s what democracy is all about, but I’m saying is he didn’t deliver. 50 Cent delivered, Eminem delivered, The Game delivered, Snoop Dogg delivered a great first album, Kendrick Lamar aint do that.

Listen to the audio of Shyne explaining to the Hot 97 morning crew why he thinks Kendrick’s album is bad below.