Fort Lauderdale Police are investigating a shooting that led to a Rolls Royce crashing into an apartment building early Monday morning. Although no one was injured in the shooting, and the proceeding car crash, police would not reveal names of the victims, but witnesses on the scene say Rick Ross was in the passenger seat of the vehicle when gun shots rang out at the Rolls Royce.

According to reports, Ross was leaving his birthday bash when an unknown person opened fire at his Rolls Royce.

Police report that dozens of rounds were fired at Ross’ Rolls as another vehicle pulled up next to him, and someone inside opened fire on Ross’ car. Witnesses on the scene state they heard over 20 shots fired.

Fort Lauderdale Police spokeswoman Det. DeAnna Garcia gave a statement revealing the victim, (Ross), wanted to keep his name private:

The occupants of the vehicle have asked for their information to be withheld from being released. They obviously, with everything that just took place, are fearful for their lives and their families lives.

As of press time, no arrests have been made in connection with the shooting.

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Update: Fort Lauderdale Police have confirmed to The Huffington Post that Rick Ross was in fact in a 2011 Rolls Royce when a gunman opened fire around 5AM this morning.

Update #2: Rick Ross originally believed to be the passenger in the vehicle has been confirmed as the driver of Rolls Royce that crashed into a building while fleeing from the scene due to shots being fired at his vehicle.

As reported by TMZ, a spokesperson for the Fort Lauderdale police has confirmed Rick Ross as the driver of the Rolls Royce at the time of the crash.

Also noted, the passenger in the Rolls was Shateria L. Moragne-el, who is reportedly dating the Miami rapper.

Neither Ross nor his passenger was injured as a result of the incident.

Police are still looking for the suspects who fled before police arrived on the scene.

NBC 6 South Florida has footage of the vehicle in the building after the crash, and below that,  WSVN gave a news report from the scene of the crash.