Legal troubles continue to plague music producer Scott Storch as he is now a wanted man in Florida for skipping out on child support payments.

As reported by TMZ, a Florida court has issued an arrest order for Storch due to non-payment of over $20,000 in child support.

According to court documents, Storch has failed to follow a court order that he was to pay $28,300 in child support payments, and also failed to appear in court for the child support hearing, which was cause of the arrest order to be issued.

Storch can make all legal troubles surrounding the child support matter go away by paying the money owed in full.

In other Scott Storch legal matters:

Storch is also wanted for questioning by the police in California as the producer skipped out on a $4000 bill for a stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which caused the hotel to file a police report last week.