Recently making a comeback into the industry after overcoming a serious drug problem, producer Scott Storch was robbed at gunpoint early this morning in front on an NYC hotel.

As reported by TMZ, Scott Storch has filed a police report in NYC, claiming he was leaving the New York Palace hotel on Madison Ave. when he was approached by two men with guns while he was inside a waiting SUV who said, “Give us all your jewelry and cash or you’re dead.”

According to the NYPD, the police report states that Storch gave the two gunmen a briefcase, which contained $5k in cash and jewelry that was valued around $100k.

The two men also took the keys from the SUV, so Storch couldn’t drive away.

The police report also notes that Storch tried to follow the guys to see where they were headed, but they got away.

Scott Storch, who is based out of Miami, is in NYC for the VMA Awards