Schoolboy Q recently appeared on the Sway In The Morning show, and touched on multiple topics, such as people “digging to deep” into the TDE cypher trying to “catch anything they do,” what he learned about most rapper’s following Kendrick’s “Control” verse,” and the stand-out subject of the interview was Kendrick’s Hip Hop Awards cypher verse.

Schoolboy Q addressed the TDE cypher, and says people are “digging too deep” into their verses:

I think that we dropped so many of them lines that people are now trying to catch anything we do.

He adds:

Everybody thought I dissed Jay Z when I said “What’s 50 grand to a motherf*cker like me?” I just said his line. So, people just digging too deep.

Although he says he didn’t diss Hov, he says it was a shot at every rapper taking aim at TDE:

But that was a shot at every rapper that have been throwing stones at us…These [are] the same rappers that were dissing us or throwing our names in a verse or speaking of my homie, the same n*ggas that just asked me for a verse.

Sway asks Q who dissed Kendrick and then asked him for a verse:

They’re not even worth [mentioning], I didn’t do the verse, so I’m not even gonna say their names. But I had plenty of text messages, non stop, trying to get a verse. Like you gonna throw some rocks at us [and ask me for a verse] are you serious?

Sway then asks Q what did he learn about most of the rapper’s in the game following Kendrick’s “Control” verse:

End of the day it’s us. We came in as us. We’re going to stick together as us. We were never friends with rappers anyway. We cool with everybody, like we respect everybody, but it was like a rap bar that Kendrick dropped. I don’t see how they took it so personal. He named friends and shit. I mean, the king of New York thing, I probably would have went at somebody that said king of New York too though. I wouldn’t have did it on the same record he did it on with the same concept. That just means you’re not creative. You’re just using his concept. That’s just too easy. We was kinda like a little disappointed. All these cats is really out here playing themselves. Because nobody shit was really hot. But if you dissing one of my homies, you’re dissing me. I take that as them dissing me too.

As the interview moved forward, they spoke on Kendrick Lamar’s BET Hip Hop Awards cypher verse.

Kendrick Lamar put the Hip Hop world in a frenzy once again following his verse for this years BET Hip Hop Award cypher as he spit “nothing’s been the same since they dropped “Control,”and tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes.” Many assumed that line was aimed at Drake in response to a comment the Young Money singer made as he addressed Kendrick’s “Control” verse, but K-Dot said that isn’t the case, while Q says he isn’t sure.

Q says Kendrick wasn’t even going to rap in the cypher, then he came outta nowhere with 80 bars:

Honestly, you know I keep it 100 all the way through. This is how it went, we went and recorded it, Kendrick wasn’t even going to rap. Then out of nowhere he pulled us to the side like “check this shit out.”

Sway asked Schoolboy Q if K-Dot’s verse was aimed at Drake in which he replied:

I don’t know, man. I didn’t catch it until people said something about it. I still don’t think he got at Drake because we did that before the little incident, I swear.

While Q was in the building, he called up Kendrick on speakerphone and they spoke about his cypher verse.

Sway asked Kendrick, “People wanna know if that verse was directed at Drake or anyone in particular,” in which Kendrick briefly replied (before Q hung up the phone on him):

“That was just us having fun, as usual.”

Watch Schoolboy’s Q interview with Sway below [you can head to the 5:00 mark to hear them talk about Kendrick’s cypher verse, 9:00 for Kendrick’s phone call], and if you missed it, check out Q’s “Five Fingers Of Death” freestyle [here].