During a recent interview with Chicago’s GoWhereHiphop.com, RZA talks about his plans for 2012, hip hop culture, who he’s working with musically, his film/acting career and more.

“As far as the Wu brothers, whatever we do, we do it. Sometimes we premeditate it, sometimes it’s just done naturally. I’m more in a natural mode right now. I got 500 beats in my crib. So if anyone wanna come over and collect them, they can collect them. We had a lot of other brothers come over. Last year, I was home and people like Busta came over and got some beats, Nas came through… My door is open.”

RZA was asked about the recent news that he’ll be producing Method Man’s final LP but said right now he’s focusing on touring with Wu Tang:

“Right now I’m on tour with the Wu-Tang, having fun. As far as musically, me and Method Man are talking about going to the studio. We never got a chance to do another album since my first album. Maybe we’ll do another album together. Other than that, just rocking these shows and shit, having a good time and shit.”

Check out the full video here: