MMG’s newest recruit Rockie Fresh speaks on his newly signed deal with Rick Ross’ imprint.

The 21 year old Chicago rapper recently chopped it up with MTV about how the new deal came to be, as Rockie says after he released his Into The Future” music video, Ross’ right hand man Spiff hit him and asked if he was signed, at the time he wasn’t, as he says Spiff said:

“Ross wants to meet you and he’s gonna fly you out on Monday”… so he flew me out and I kicked it with him for a couple of days.”

Fresh elaborates on the meeting with Ross for the first time, as he adds:

“It was so chill and organic that I didn’t think he was going to sign me. We really didn’t talk about business or anything. The next day, we went our separate ways and they let me know they were interested in doing a deal, and we’ve been working it out since then.”

Rockie continued, explaining that it took about a month and a half to finalize things:

“I had some other offers on the table too, but I didn’t want to ruin any relationships. I wanted to make sure that I handled everything as smoothly as possible and gave everybody a fair shot.”

Fresh on the other labels that wanted to sign him as well:

“Bad Boy was interested; I definitely had a lot of talks with them. Same thing with Columbia and Universal and RCA as well. But it was just one of those things where, when I met Ross, it clicked”

He explains why he chose MMG:

“It was some real n—a sh–, for lack of a better term. I felt more comfortable in that setting than in any other meeting I had.”

Rockie on linking up with the MMG camp artists Meek Mill, Wale, Stalley and Gunplay:

“We all represent different parts of the country, and we kind of define our age brackets too. I’m the youngest one right now, so I’ll be repping for my age group and for my city Chicago and our way of life; I feel like that separates me from everyone else. We were talking about it last night, and Ross really views this as a sports team, where every player has to have their own lane and their own way of doing things, but in the long run, it all helps the team. I’ve got my own sound and my own way of getting my records done, and he respects that and feels it benefits the entire team.”

Listen to Rockie Fresh’s interview with MTV, below: