Rick Ross gave his fans and colleagues quite a scare yesterday when he suffered two separate medical emergencies, which led the Miami rapper to be hospitalized twice after having two seizures and having to be resuscitated by paramedics, while causing emergency landings on two different flights.

Now it seems as if Ross is paying no mind to what seems to be a serious medical condition as he will perform at a North Carolina University tonight.

As TMZ reports, Rick Ross is scheduled to perform at the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina as part of homecoming for North Carolina A&T State University.

According to an employee at the Coliseum, someone from Ross’ team called the venue earlier this morning to confirm that he is doing better and will be on stage as planned tonight.

Update: Rick Ross show cancelled tonight.

According to TMZ, who called the Greensboro Coliseum around 6:50 PM ET received information from the deputy director of the venue as he said Ross would no longer be performing tonight.

This is all the information that is available at this time, as no other details were given, and Ross’ camp wouldn’t comment on the show cancellation.