Earlier today it was reported that Rick Ross fell unconscious after having a seizure during a flight from Ft Lauderdale to Memphis which caused the plane to be emergency landed and Ross to be resuscitated by paramedics and rushed to the hospital.

The seizure didn’t seem to stop him from trying to make his performance in Memphis tonight as he personally contacted the staff at the University of Memphis and said he was on his way to the show for the University’s Memphis Madness.

Now it seems as that was a mistake on Ross’ part by trying to make it to Memphis for the show as he has suffered another seizure in his private jet which has caused another emergency landing, this time in Birmingham, Alabama, on the way to his concert.

Rick Ross is currently in a Birmingham hospital emergency room.

Def Sounds will keep you updated as more details emerge on Ross’ condition.

Update: Rick Ross is now confirmed to be in stable condition, but will not be performing tonight in Memphis.

Before Ross took to the air to fly to Memphis, he filmed a clip boarding the private jet. View that footage below.