Rick Ross makes an appearance on Miami’s 99 Jamz and addresses the cancellation of the remainder of the MMG tour, and denies threats made from multiple factions of the Gangster Disciple street gang as the reason.

During a recent interview with 99 Jamz, Rick Ross addresses the canceled MMG tour.

Ross explains:

I canceled the rest of the tour, because the promoter really wasn’t handling his business. He cancelled a date of mine; I was going to Tucson, Arizona, and I was really a few hours outside of the market. This was about a week and a half ago, and I made a call to the dude Sean G and let him know this isn’t how we move… let’s just communicate a little better.

He adds:

Then the other day I wake up and realize two more dates have been canceled, so I just felt like there was some power that needed to be taken away from homie, so I canceled the rest of the dates.

As the interview continued, Ross denies that the tour was shut down due to any gang threats:

Never was it shut down due to any threats. I’m a certified man out here, a real boss. This is something everybody needs to understand, gangstas move in silence. In situation s like that, I just remember what an old school Dade County gangsta told me like time ago that – Any dude can stand in the crowd with 30-40 dudes and everybody real, everybody trill, everybody bout that life, everybody gangsta, but when them choppers come out everybody folds.

Rozay continues:

More importantly, anybody that knows anything about GD’s knows it’s about Growth and Development. Anybody that knows anything about the old man, Mr. Hoover, that’s why I put him in my song, because I respect his scriptures, his philosophies. It’s all about support, about coming up. It’s just not about one sucker that has a personal vendetta. That’s something we’re gonna address, other than that, that’s not the case. I was just in Chicago a week and a half ago, that’s the birthplace of the GD’s, and if I went to Chicago and handled my business like I did, I have no problem going to North Carolina, or South Carolina, where the ladies are brown skin, have brown eyes, nice curls and they make the best apple pie.

Ross says don’t get it twisted, he’s a boss, and is plugged world-wide:

So don’t never get it twisted, Ricky Rozay is a BOSS!!! I’m certified worldwide wide, I can put a 1000 gangstas in any hood, but that aint what I’m here for, Im here to make stars, make icons, Im here to break records. I’m here to be Grammy nominated, and that’s what I’m doing.

Watch Rick Ross’ interview with 99 Jamz and hear what else he says to say, below: