Over the past month, multiple videos have been posted online of the Gangster Disciple street gang all over the country making threats to Rick Ross. In the videos, it was said that Ross was not allowed to put on shows in their states without permission, and they would not let the pressure off the rapper until he pays up. One of the GD gangs that Ross received threats from are from North Carolina, and it just so happens that the Miami rapper was scheduled to perform in NC this upcoming weekend, but ended up canceling the shows.

As reported by NBC Charlotte affiliate WCNC, Rick Ross has canceled show dates in Charlotte, NC and Greensboro, NC for this weekend. The cancellation of the concerts comes after Ross received death threats, but it is only assumed that the shows were called off due to the threats, but no specific reason was given.

The issues the GD’s have with Rick Ross stem from two things, as it’s explained in one of the multiple clips posted online. A GD member surrounded by his crew stated that the first mistake was name dropping the currently incarcerated GD leader Larry Hoover’s name in his song, “BMF,” and his second error was putting his face on the six point star the gang uses on the cover of his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape.

The GD member stated that promoters have to check in with them before Ross or any member of the MMG camp is booked in their state:

It’s like this we pulling up on you, we pressing up on you – the whole Maybach. No matter who’s in Maybach. Everybody on your label is in trouble. Whatever city, whatever state – the pressure on. We letting you promoters know, before you book Rick Ross you need to check with us. 

He added that they wont lets the pressure off until Ross pays up:

We aint gonna release this pressure on you until you release this check. Maybach, Meek Mill, everybody G. Nothing personal, but tell your boss man he gotta get that check cuz y’all in trouble.

You can view the YouTube video, titled “Rick Ross In Trouble With The GD’s – North Carolina,” which the GD’s make threats to Rick Ross, and the news report from Charlottes’s WCNC, below:

Click the below links to view footage of the Gangster Disciples in other states threatening Rick Ross.

Rick Ross In trouble With The GD’s Tennessee

Rick Ross in Trouble with the GD’s  GEORGIA

Rick Ross In Trouble With The Colorado GD’s

You can search Youtube for more clips.

WCNC news report: