Rick Ross’ month seemingly couldn’t get any worse when it comes to his business following his date-rape lyric controversy. First the Miami rapper had a show in Ottawa, Canada cancelled due to a student boycott that lost him somewhere in-between 100k-250k, followed by getting dropped from his endorsement deal with Reebok that he stands to lose up to $5 million for. Now, the MMG boss is being sued by a Florida booking agency over non-payment for their services.

According to TMZ, Total Access Talent filed a lawsuit in a Miami federal court this week claiming that Rick Ross hired them to book and organize a month’s worth of Florida concert dates starting last November, but never paid them their commission.

Total Action states that they having been booking Rick Ross’ tours since 2004, and this is the first time they haven’t been paid for their services, which includes setting up opening acts, arranging dates, preparing contracts as well as other duties.

The Florida booking agency is suing Ross for their 10% commission fee, which comes out to $171,000.