In light of recent events that include gang threats, and an attempt at his life, Rick Ross is working with the NYPD to assure his safety as the police are providing the rapper with 24-hour armed protection.

As reported by TMZ, Rick Ross, the rapper who has allegedly been targeted by a dangerous gang — is being protected by NYC cops round-the-clock because of recent threats.

Law enforcement sources told the publication that over the past few days, police have been providing Rozay protection while he stays at the upscale London Hotel in NYC.

Also sources close to Ross state that recent threats have been explicitly aimed at the rapper, and he’s not taking them lightly, so he is going to great measures to guarantee his safety.

It was previously reported, in the wake of the drive by shooting, Rick Ross hired 24-hour armed personal security to watch over him at all times.

View a photo of an NYPD officer standing guard at Rick Ross’ hotel, below:

Police Guarding Ross