As Def Sounds previously reported, Fort Lauderdale Police were investigating a late January shooting that led to Rick Ross crashing his Rolls Royce into a building while trying to flee the scene after an unknown gunman pulled on the side of the rapper’s vehicle and opened fire,  letting loose multiple rounds. Since the shooting, Ross has been silent on the matter. Now, while on the red carpet at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, Ricky Rozay addresses the shooting for the very first time.

During a recent interview with Sway for MTV, Rick Ross opens up about the shooting.

Rozay states that the police have no suspects as of this time:

[There are] no suspects and we not here to speculate on any suspects. 

The rapper adds:

I’m just staying positive, I’m moving forward and I’m just staying on top of my game.

Ross addresses making some changes to keep himself safe:

You most definitely gotta make some adjustments, but at the same time I’mma live my life and I’mma do what I love to do, and that’s make music.

Watch Rick Ross’ interview with Sway for MTV, below: