As Def Sounds previously reported, Rick Ross canceled show dates in Charlotte, NC and Greensboro, NC for this weekend after he received death threats, but it was only assumed that the shows were called off due to the threats, but no specific reason was given. Now, the MMG boss addresses the canceled NC shows. Also a Gangster Disciple member explains the issues that the GD’s have with the rapper.

Previous: Rick Ross Cancels North Carolina Show Dates Following Death Threats From Gangster Disciples

After reports of his canceled show dates in North Carolina hit the internet, Rick Ross took to his Twitter page and addressed the canceled shows. Although, he didn’t give a specific reason, the Miami rapper said the show promoters were the ones who pulled out.

Ross tweeted:

North Carolina I wuz so excited to perform tomorro wit #MMG Promoters cancelled show but I’ll be Back ASAP. #luv

In another video clip that leaked online, GD member Six Tre Gangster breaks down the Rick Ross/GD Beef.

Six Tre states:

We have certain laws and policies that prohibit us from acting in a certain mannerism. We tried to observe those laws and policies when you exploited the chairman’s name for you own personal gain.

He adds:

Your career was pretty much no where what it is today when you did the “BMF” record and mentioned the chairman’s name. So of course, that stimulated your personal finance. It made you able to make moves you weren’t able to make before, because of this affiliation. The perception of the record is to associate you with someone like the honorable chairman Larry Hoover, or the brother Big Meech. And because of that perception, you gained financially.

He explains that they didn’t want any money from Ross, they just wanted help to further their movement with-in the community in exchange for security across the nation:

In the beginning n*ggas reached out like we really don’t want no money from you, just support us, like we support you. Come and do some events for us, come to some schools, and talk to some kids for us. Try and help us further our movement of Growth and Development, with-in the community. We didn’t even ask you to do shit free, just to do it at a discounted rate to come and be involved with some of our functions. And as incentive, we offered you security across the nation.

Six Tre explains that instead of Ross helping them with-in in the community, he gave out fraudulent contact information, so the couldn’t contact them, which led up to his brothers feeling some kind of way, which led to them putting pressure on Rick Ross:

By allowing you to use the chairman’s name in that fashion. If we went to the gang mentality, we coulda killed you long time ago. Being that you used the chairman’s image, we wanted you to support us. Then you give out the wrong phone numbers, fraudulent contact information. You didn’t donate to any of our charities, you didn’t be a part of any fashion of our movement. Nobody told anyone to get at you; the brothers are feeling some type of way.

Watch Six Tre’s complete explanation of the GD’s issues with Rick Ross, below:

Update: Rick Ross Cancels Remainder Of MMG Tour

After canceling shows in Charlotte, NC and Greensboro, NC, Rick Ross has decided to bring the MMG tour, which was scheduled to run through December 16th, to an end.

A rep for Rick Ross released a statement to AHH, and said that the tour is called off due to a lack of organization.

Ross’ rep stated:

The first leg of the tour was completed successfully without incident, but due to the apparent lack of organization and communication on the part of the tour promoter, the remaining dates of the Maybach Music Tour have officially been canceled.

Rick Ross gave a statement addressing the canceling of the MMG Tour:

I want to apologize to all of my fans who I missed performing for due to the cancellations and want to let them know that I will get back to their cities. I enjoyed my experience with my little bros Wale and Meek Mill and I’m ready to get back in the studio to make good music.