Yesterday rumors hit the net that Rick Ross’ forthcoming album, God Forgives, I Dont, was put on hold, although nothing was confirmed, but the rumor started because Ross’ album was absent from the Def Jam release schedule.

Now Rick Ross speaks to MTV RapFix explaining the delay. Ross says its due to health issues, and not being able to do the ground work he needs, but I believe it’s a combination of both his health issues, but even more his new single “You The Boss” featuring Nikki Minaj not picking up steam after being released 5 weeks ago.

So all In all, I believe if Ross never had the seizures, he’d still be pushed back… He just has a good excuse to use with the health scare… where’s his buzz at?

Watch Rick Ross’ interview with RapFix below:

Update: God Forgives, I Dont Pushed Back To 2012

Island Def Jam Senior VP of Marketing Chris Atlas confirms to Billboard, that Ross’ album will not be released this year and that it’s been pushed back to around first quarter, early second quarter of 2012.

“I think we’re all aware of his recent health issue, and based on some of the minor setbacks with that, we weren’t able to confirm certain opportunities, because he physically wasn’t able to deal with certain things at the time. We want this to be his biggest albums – we know it’s going to be his biggest album – so we did not want to pressure him into releasing an album based on the sake of a date.”