Method Man and Redman plan to follow up the release of Blackout 1 and 2 with a part 3 to the series, while Red is working on Muddy Waters 2, and  the duo of Red and Meth also have plans to release a marijuana related film that would follow up How High, but they cant use that name because Universal owns the rights.

In a recent interview with Montreality, Redman speaks on Blackout 3, as well as Muddy Waters 2:

“Blackout 3, Red and Meth, we coming. We coming with an album, Blackout 3. We don’t know when it’s gonna drop, but we’re gonna try and put a single out next year. I’m working on Muddy Waters 2 right now.”

Reggie also announced they the duo have a new marijuana related film in the works which will release through their own production company:

“Red and Meth is opening their own video company, Production Company rather. We wanna call it Blunt Brothers Cinema. We’re working on a name for that. We’re having a little bit of problems with solidifying the name but we’re trying to do a movie under our own company now.”

Redman explains why they wont call the film How High 2:

“Doing How High 2 the company Universal owns that name; they own the characters in the movie. So that means we can’t take How High to another company and use them characters…So what we gonna do is probably work on shooting our own movie. Call it something else. It will be marijuana related.”

Watch Redman’s interview with Montreality below: